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The digital environment currently requires websites to inform their users about the collection of their data. That's why we have prepared for you the free and editable Cookie Policy update. 1
Did you know that it is essential to make available to your users and visitors, in addition to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, a document that informs about the use of data that will be collected from users, and if they agree with this use, since they may be shared with third parties or stored until the user visits the platform again.
Usually when we visit websites, from different axes, we are faced with the following automatic message that appears on the computer or cell phone screen:
“To optimize your experience while browsing our website, we use cookies. By continuing on our platform, we assume that you agree with our cookie policy.”
It must be accompanied by acceptance. What is the LGPD term of use?
This document aims to record the free, informed and unequivocal statement by which the Holder agrees with the processing of his personal data for a specific purpose, in accordance with Law No. 13,709 - General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD).
Thus, observing the importance of this document, we have prepared a Cookie Policy model based on the legislation and can be adapted according to your needs.
This document has the purpose of establishing some parameters for data processing that include, without limitation, the reception, transmission, sharing, storage, access, communication, modification or transfer of information collected from our USERS, in addition to recording any and all activities carried out within the platform, in accordance with applicable law.
The USER confirms his free and express agreement with this instrument by accepting this COOKIES POLICY and the PRIVACY POLICY.
This document was created modified with permission for this site.
1.1 – To improve performance and your experience on our website, we use cookies, and the following definitions regarding this Policy should be considered:
COOKIES – These are text files created by the website and stored on the device that accesses the platform. (notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc.). When the “permission” condition is enabled, the storage of cookies will take place automatically. These small data packages are intended to identify and collect USER information to improve our website services.
DATA: Set of anonymous (or anonymized data) and personal information.
ANONYMOUS DATA: Isolated information that does not allow user identification. Include the collection of gender, location, age, etc.
PERSONAL DATA: Information of the natural person identified through the system. Include name, address, phone, social networks, etc.
HYPERLINKS: A clickable link that may appear on the website or be displayed in some content, which directs the USER to another page on the platform or an external website, be it a partner or not.
NAVIGATION: Act of interacting, researching, acquiring or consuming any material or content on our platform, website or application.
Users: Website visitors who access our platform, website or application regardless of the medium. You must necessarily have the legal capacity to accept the terms and conditions of this Cookies Policy and other legal documents of the platform.
If there are doubts about any term or word used in this Cookies Policy, the VISITOR/USER may contact the platform through our communication channels.
2 - Data collection
2.1 – The collection of information and data from our USERS occurs to the extent that they provide us, through access and use on the website, clicking on hyperlinks, interaction in the applications and services of the website, their preferences and references.
2.2 – The data will be collected:
When USERS voluntarily enter or submit their information on our platform or access any service offered by the website, it may also occur through interaction and navigation with the content exposed on the website.
When USERS voluntarily enter or submit third-party data on our website, once authorization for the use of such data has been declared on the website.
When not necessarily, the USER action will be used, since the system automation is responsible for the collection of data available through Cookies.
through partners who have been authorized by our USERS to share their data with us.
2.3 – The information collected may include, but is not limited to, the following data:
address (through geolocation);
IP address;
email address;
bank details (credit cards, for example.);
document numbers (CPF, Identity Card, etc.)
date of birth;
Payment Information;
contact book;
data :
2.4 – Other data that may be collected are also available in the Privacy Policy.
2.5 – The cookies used by our website and applications are subject to the validity of their collection:
Session cookies: remain with the website until it is closed. The information collected allows the identification of problems and aims to provide better experiences for users.
Permanent cookies: even after closing the platform, these cookies will still be stored in the memory of the internet browser of the device you are accessing. They are used each time the user visits the website to guide navigation according to personal preferences, which are collected through these cookies.
2.6 – The cookies used may be owned by the platform itself, with the platform having full control over the cookies; or owned by third parties, included in the USERS' devices through the websites, platforms, hyperlinks, services and functions that we have a partnership with.
3 – Purpose of collecting Cookies:
3.1 – Our cookies have different functions and purposes, below we list the types that can be used on our website.
Essential Cookies: Necessary for the platform to function correctly and provide, perfectly, the services that are available to our USERS. Since, under penalty of platform malfunction, the website will not be able to efficiently provide all the tools or resources associated with it.
Performance cookies: responsible for collecting anonymous information about how USERS use and interact with the platform and the tools provided.
Functionality cookies: associated with the memory of the data provided, these cookies allow the platform to remember any choices made by the USER, directing him to the functions that he may choose. It is responsible for providing better experiences and ensuring convenience for users. This information may also be associated with anonymized data, which will not track user activity outside the platform space.
Analytical cookies: we use these cookies to monitor and analyze how our USERS use the platform's tools and functionalities. Allowing us to check any flaws on the site and provide practicality and customization for users. Furthermore , based on these cookies, we can highlight the main services or articles that we think will be of most interest to our USERS.
Advertising cookies: similar to the previous collection, these cookies aim to target the platform's advertising based on the choices and preferences of our USERS, checking the number of visits, number of interactions and their quality. These cookies help the ____ platform [mention the name of the platform/website] ( to measure the effectiveness of its advertising.
Security cookies: preventing our USERS' data from being vulnerable to malicious attacks by third parties, these cookies store information in an encrypted way.
Social cookies: set by social networking and communication platforms, these cookies allow sharing the content accessed by the USER on our platform. Collection provided by third parties has the ability to track USER activity outside of their line of services, sharing their preferences with our platform.
4 - Authorization
4.1 – After the use of cookies has been authorized, the USER has the option of deactivating them as soon as he is interested, and may also choose to deactivate part or all of our cookies.
4.2 – In principle, all devices allow the user to accept, refuse, delete or manage cookies, through the functions of the respective browser program. They can generally be configured in the “options” or “preferences” menu, depending on your device.
4.3 – We remind you that the function of deactivating cookies does not allow us to offer our USERS the excellent service that we aim to provide, since parts of our platform may present instabilities and not work correctly.
5 – Legitimation of the processing of cookies
5.1 – By consent of the interested party, the Cookies Policy will apply to devices that authorize access to the anonymized and personal data of our USERS.
6 - Data communication
6.1 – As a rule, data will not be communicated to third parties, except in the case of cookies owned by other sites, due to legal obligation, through our platform
7 - USER rights
7.1 – The USER has some rights under this Cookies Policy, provided that the USER has the ability to interact with the platform system.
withdrawal of consent to this Policy;
access, control, rectification, limitation and opposition to the processing of your data;
contest the use of your data with the administrators of the platform, by contacting us directly through our telegram (81) 99144-0248
In view of the terms presented, the USER gives his prior consent, unless otherwise indicated, to the use and use of “cookies”, when using our website.
This Cookie Policy is valid from November 23, 2025.
IMPORTANT: creator and our website
We remind you that, not necessarily, all the topics contained in this must be present in your intention to collect data according to your website/platform. Everything must be adapted to your interest and that of the user, observing the rules of current legislation.
What types of websites need to use and have a Cookie Policy?
According to , every digital environment requires, in advance, the consent of users for any internet function or resource that may collect personal and sensitive information.
In addition, there are international guidelines that require consent for the use of cookies from users that affect visitors in general from foreign locations, such as (General Data Protection Regulation or General Data Protection Regulation), European Union legislation and Brazilian laws. .
This same European regulation also provides that the processing of data collected by cookies must have a maximum period of at least 12 months, so, consequently, the data of users of the sites must not be recorded eternally, only when necessary for the administrator of the site. platform, assisting in the preferences of its users regarding the availability of the website.
Ideally, any website that uses and stores cookies makes an authorization request message available to its users regarding this use and its extension.
Generally, websites related to adult content are more linked to the use of cookies, as it is advantageous for a virtual broadcasting website to be aware of what its users are searching for and are most interested in.
For example, you must have already visited a site with adult content and have placed some credit package in the credit shopping cart, after some time, when returning to the site, the user remained in the cart. The explanation is the Cookies that were accepted by the users, which were responsible for maintaining the personalized user experience on the website.
Therefore, the website, or a platform, is recommended to use this resource, guaranteeing legal protection both for you, the website administrator, and for users who will be aware of the use of their information by the platform .
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