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Service Terms
This Statement is our terms of service that govern our relationship with users and others who interact with By using or accessing you agree to all is Declaration.
Total definitions:
All users: E All those who have an active profile on the website
Users: and all those who have an exhibitionism profile on the website,
having access to exclusive features and benefits.
All: Those who have an active profile on the website and are previously not authorized to run marketing campaigns within
1 - Privacy with total security:
Your privacy is much more important to us, which is why we will never contact you without your prior authorization.
All your sensitive data such as password, email, IP, telephone, real name and/or full address will never be exposed to other users of or even to third parties, except in cases of demand by court/police order .
2 - Regarding the creation and maintenance of accounts
You, and everyone involved, must be 18 years of age or older.
It is your responsibility to choose a secure password, avoiding weak passwords like "12345" .change123 etc.
It is not allowed to have more than one (1) active profile on the website Except if it's one for couples and one for singles.
It is not allowed to create false profiles, with the intention of deceiving, deceiving or defaming other users on
It is no longer allowed to create a new account when you are blocked or banned by a moderator on the website
3 - Regarding the publication of contents (wall, comments and private messages are all free)
All communication carried out within must be governed by good education, cordiality and respect for the wishes and limits of other users within
You are solely responsible for all content that you publish on
You will not publish commercial communications (paid and/or free parties, programs, product announcements, etc.) on without prior authorization via
You must not use the wall or comments for your own commercial gain.
You will not engage in illegal multi-level marketing such as a pyramid scheme etc within
You will not send viruses or other malicious code.
You will not intimidate, offend or bully any users, or groups of users or moderators of
You will not use to commit any illegal, misleading, malicious, discriminatory or lying act.
You will not publish content with the intention of generating discord, fights or slander against anyone.
You will not post spam (repeated and/or unsolicited messages).
4 - Regarding the publication of media (photos, videos and the like are the sole responsibility of each user)
You warrant that you will only post media that you own the rights to.
You will not post media copied from the internet or copied from other users and posted within
You will not publish media with images of third parties without prior written permission.
You will not publish media videos or photos that contain a firearm or cold weapon, or any type of illegal drug by the Brazilian authorities under penalty of imprisonment and pedophilia, zoophilia, mutilation or content considered illegal, discriminatory or aggressive.
5 - Special rights and duties for all users
Users cannot use their own wall to advertise their products and services, containing images and/or values if they wish.
Users must not publish any commercial content on their wall or that of other users of the website or in the comments system.
Users must respect the minimum interval between publications of photos and videos agreed upon at the time of registration.
6 - Rights of
We may remove any content or information posted by you if we believe it violates the wording or essence of this Statement stated herein.
If you violate the terms of service, we will disable your account when we deem it appropriate without prior notice.
All content removed by you, including media, may be stored in our backups indefinitely.
All PUBLIC content can be viewed by all visitors to the site, whether or not they have an account at
Your PUBLIC media may be selected for the main page of the site or used in our marketing campaigns.
Our brand and logo are restricted to the legal representatives of, and must not be used without their authorization.
We may, at any time, change any free feature of the website for exclusive use by users.
7 - Termination
If you violate the wording or substance of this Statement, or create possible legal risk or exposure for us, we may stop providing all or part of to you. We will notify you the next time you attempt to access your account. You are also free to delete your account any time you want.
There will be no refund of amounts paid due to disagreement with any term of this Declaration or repentance. Only due to a technical problem or billing error for the future of those who are going to do their live and will still be able to earn a lot of $$$ something that not a single site gives even a coin to those who do live exhibitionism https://www.topsgirls. com will be the first in Brazil
who in addition to their pleasure of doing their exhibitionism live will still be able to put a good $$$ in their pocket that is the right thing.
everyone has to wake up to reality doing exhibitionism for pure pleasure that's ok but if you can win a $$$ it's even better.
8 - Final grade
By agreeing to these terms of service, you also agree that moderators act as arbitrators for the judgment of the aforementioned issues.
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